©  Bill Franson

                                                                                                                                                                    © Bill Franson

While studying Creative Writing at Gordon College I found myself in a black and white photography class, staring down at the open back of a Minolta, a roll of 35mm film nervously pinched between my fingers. I don't think I could have known then the empowerment I would gain from adopting this new medium, this language of light, as my own.

I've spent the past year in the stunningly methodical process of shooting a 4x5 wood field camera while creating my most substantial body of work, Landscape at Will : a photographic exploration of the intellect and physicality of the female being. 

I am a light seeker, in a boundless search for the most honest self. I photograph people out of necessity. A need to find common ground, to build bridges, to find communion. These finite bodies that make up my work are testimony to portraiture as an impression of a life we gain from the details.

I currently work and create in the Boston area and hope to never lose my anticipation for the image rising from a submerged, blank page.


When I’m not shooting or writing, I’m climbing mountains, reading Annie Dillard, and listening to podcasts on NPR.